Kristen + Doug’s Dog-loving, Beer-chugging Engagement Session

So many people find me through my volunteer photography for Peace for Pits, Inc. One time I photographed a dog that was a bit of a tough sell for the rescue. He wasn’t great with other animals and had a black coat that, for whatever reason, makes it harder to get an animal adopted. When I met him for his photo session he wasn’t all that interested in me and just seemed sort of… sad. Fast forward to Kristen + Doug falling in love with him: the next time I saw Eddy, he had a softness in his eyes that wasn’t there before. He seemed years younger and had progressed leaps and bounds in his training. I couldn’t stop saying “is this really the same Eddy?!” The amazing people who rescue these dogs see the potential in them and know that they can become their best, happiest selves if they just find the right companions. Eddy sure found his perfect match, and the fact that I met Kristen + Doug at a brewery for their wedding consultation made it obvious that I have found my perfect clients. This wedding is going to be fun!

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