Kate + Jason’s Cheney Mansion Wedding

Kate + Jason got married at St. Ferdinand in Chicago, the same church where her parents said “I do” 30 years ago! We documented the achievement after the ceremony with photos of each couple kissing at the altar. What a special way to showcase the lasting bond of marriage and the legacy it sparks! It was the priest’s first marriage ceremony, and before the ceremony his only instruction to me (I always chat with the officiant to go over any restrictions on where I may stand, among other things) was to “only take good pictures.” Yes sir!

Once we made it to the reception, I saw that each table was named for a rock drummer and learned that Jason is the drummer for the band Diagon Alley (best name ever). He showed off his rhythm later with some fabulous moves on the dance floor. Kate + Jason were so easy to work with and their wedding party was just the right combination of sweet + sassy (I do love a sassy group!). Not only was I lucky to have scored a super fun couple, but I was thrilled to finally have a wedding to photograph at the stunning Cheney Mansion in Oak Park! I could spend a whole day shooting there and not run out of inspiration; I could have spent their whole wedding day photographing Kate + Jason around the grounds, but of course it quickly came time to kick up the celebration. Congrats Kate + Jason, and thank you for letting me capture your rockin’ wedding!

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