Prepping For Your Prep: what I photograph while you get ready!

The morning of your wedding will likely be filled with happy chaos as you prepare for the main event. Having me with you as you are getting ready will allow you to relive those feelings of anticipation, excitement, and joy about what is to come. I’ll capture some hair styling, makeup application, tie tying and general camaraderie in a documentary style, but this can also be a great time for me to capture some of the little details that you may not have considered. I’ve put together a little list of items that are helpful to have around during the pre-ceremony preparations.


From your shoes and handbag to your cufflinks and bangles, I want to capture it all! We can create beautiful still life images out of the simplest items, using things like a bedspread, hardwood floor, or the dress as a backdrop. The (very clean) shoes to the right were shot resting on the skirt of the bride’s dress.


Having images of the wedding attire allows you to remember that feeling of anticipation before you got all dolled up and headed to the ceremony. The dress can be one of the bigger expenses of a wedding, and I love showing it off! Leaving it on a bland plastic hanger takes away some of the romance, though. I keep a plain wooden hanger in my car just in case, but investing just a little in a unique hanger from somewhere like Easy will make the images extra special. If you would like all the bridesmaids’ dresses or groomsmen’s tuxes photographed together, make sure you have enough non-plastic hangers to go around!


Invitation + Save the Date + Program

So much thought can go into the paper you send to your guests and the program for your ceremony. From the color choice to the wording and fonts, I love being able to capture that first impression of your wedding that set the tone for everything to come. It can be especially fun to use these along with the rings to create sentimental ring images.


If you and your significant other are sending letters or gifts to be opened before the ceremony, I’d love to be there quietly photographing each of you as you receive them. Since you won’t be there to watch, my cameras and I can help you experience how each of you felt at that moment.


I adore a macro ring shot! Sometimes I’ll ask my couples if I can borrow the rings during dinner service if there are unique surfaces that will really show them off at the venue, but ideally I will take the close-ups during the pre-ceremony preparation time so that once they go on those fingers, they don’t have to come back off! Having all the rings (engagement ring included) available in your getting ready location is a huge help.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Now is the perfect time to capture these four items, whatever they may be! If you’ve spent the time thinking of them and bringing them together, I want to create beautiful images of them.

Et cetera…CLP_Fisher_perfume

Whatever other details are important to you that won’t be around for the majority of the wedding can be photographed before we get swept up in ceremony and celebration. Perfume bottles, memorial items on your bouquet or stitched into your clothing, wedding party gifts, and funky socks can all be captured right off the bat!

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