Wedding Wish List

The more weddings I shoot, the more I am blown away by the creativity of couples who really make the celebration their own. From home-brewed beer to mascots on the dance floor, it’s always so exciting to see something new. I’ve been lucky to visit so many new locations and experience everything from fire spinners to elaborately choreographed father-daughter dances. Below are some items (dates, themes, locations…) I’d love to photograph at upcoming weddings. If you like my photographic style and your wedding includes one of my wish list items, be sure to mention it at our consult and you’ll get a wish list discount on your chosen package!


New Year’s Eve

Halloween, complete with costumes


Gold! Bring on the gold! Gold-dipped, gold-plated, gold-splattered, I love it all!

Wedding dress in red, black, green, or another unexpected color

Multi-colored (at least five different colors used consistently throughout the event)



Harry Potter

Doctor Who (please, please let me photograph a Dalek cake!)

Vegan (if all your wedding food is vegan, I’ll make a donation to Mercy for Animals in your name!)

Double wedding


West Coast USA

East Coast USA (achieved 12/13/14)

Outside the USA

A state park

A brewery (Revolution’s Kedzie brewery would be such a perfect venue!)

Arcade (Emporium, anyone?)

Botanic Garden (I shot one of my favorite engagement sessions at the Chicago Botanic Garden and would love to capture a Botanic wedding!)

Starbucks (if this ever happens, I’ll throw in a Starbucks gift card for the caffeine-addicted couple!)

Hockey arena (bonus if it’s at the United Center – Let’s Go Hawks!)

The terrace at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


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