Alex + Steve’s Silly String Gender Reveal

On a dreary, drizzly, chilly November day, two smiling people brightened things up with a Silly String fight! Alex + Steve met in Madison (go Badgers!) and their fun-loving personalities meshed right off the bat. Of course their photo session had to reflect that, so they decided to reveal their baby’s gender to friends and family with a Silly String fight! They covered the cans in pink and blue tape so that even I would not know the gender until the string went a-flying – BLUE! They had so much fun that they used up every single can. It was such an honor to be able to capture this for them so they could share the news through images on their Christmas card, and now I can share the event with you here. Their little one is in for a happy and oh-so-loved life, and I cannot wait to photograph him!

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