Dana + Nick’s Glenview and Wilmette, IL Wedding

The first time Dana and I spoke on the phone, I could feel her smile radiating through the line!  That smile never left her face for a second on the day she and Nick tied the knot.  My mother and I often talk about how much weddings have changed over the years, and how it is easier than ever to make your celebration a true representation of who you are as a couple.  Dana and Nick did exactly that!  Their joyful, thoughtful natures were reflected in each aspect of the planning.  From the welcoming Schram Memorial Chapel where they had their ceremony to the various outdoor games they had waiting for their guests at the Wilmette Golf Club, the day had a fun and relaxed air to it.  With a customized bags set, ladder ball and a giant Jenga setup, there was no way to be bored at the reception!  I’m told the Bloody Mary created by the club bartenders was stellar as well.  As a last-minute touch, Dana had heard The Gino Fontine Strolling Trio a week before the wedding and asked if they’d play at the club. Lucky for everyone, they were free for the afternoon!  The trio can be heard at Marie’s every Saturday night if you’d like a taste of their amazing Italian sound.  Be sure to come with a song in mind – they take requests.

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