Kate + Mark’s Evanston, IL Wedding

Kate + Mark planned a wedding that was so perfectly them.  From the getting ready location (Kate’s childhood home) to the entertainment (Swing Gitan), each detail suited their personalities.  A musical couple, Kate + Mark made sure each of their musician friends had a special part in the ceremony and reception.  What better way to make a ceremony your own than to have your friend play a moving cello solo in the sanctuary?  St. Mark’s Episcopal Church accommodated their personal touches beautifully, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a better sermon.  It was an honor to witness all of it!  From the church, we made our way to the Baha’i Temple, with flora reminiscent of their Botanic Garden engagement session.  Finally, it was off to the Evanston Golf Club for the reception.  They had two cakes prepared; a dairy cake by Deerfield Bakery and a vegan cake (yay!) by Rose’s Wheat Free Bakery.  It was such a memorable event because of all these details they made their own!

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